Here are some things that clients have to say about their experiences with Bowen Therapy Kauai:

Penelope is a truly gifted healer. She is clear & grounded, intuitively perceptive and holds a very safe space for healing to occur. Penelope has an authentic, natural and gentle touch and is one of the best healers I have ever experienced. She helped release long-held, deep seated tension in my core body which I didn’t even know was limiting me. After a series of treatments I now, at age 48, experience better balance, alignment and freer movement than I did at age 25. Thank you Penelope!
— SS
I am a dentist in California and I visited Hawaii on a two-week vacation with a very sore hip. It was very difficult to walk, however after the first visit with Penelope I was better and returned for a second treatment. After two visits, I was walking again without pain. This sore hip had been bothering me for quite some time before seeing Penelope and I was concerned that I may need surgery. Now, after continuing to receive Bowen treatments in California my health has been restored to 100%. I highly recommend Penelope as she knows more than just Bowen Therapy; she has many healing talents. We can’t wait to see her again on our next Hawaii vacation.
— RL
My treatment with Penelope was much needed and proved to be a new beginning for me. It was both a physical and spiritual healing experience. Her intuition led me to realize how I had stored trauma in my body. I felt a release with my very first treatment; afterwards I felt lighter and happier. Words can’t actually describe it. I just knew I wanted to do more Bowen work. I have received further treatments and this modality has helped me so much. I heartily recommend Penelope.
— EP
I had received Bowen previously with a different practitioner and it wasn’t that helpful. Dang I’m glad I gave it another try! My back pain was screaming prior to my treatment with Penelope but by the end of the session my pain was reduced by 50 percent, making it manageable. Penelope’s aromatherapy and sound healing opened my heart and had me feeling deeply relaxed. I highly recommend Penelope if you are looking for a unique and powerful healing experience.
— JA